Yui-Lin-Li Co.,Ltd.

was established in 1988. We are specialized field at air expanding shaft,air expanding chuck,and safety chuck as well as manufacturing various customized specification. The pneumatic Saft amd Safety-Chuck of our territory are more than application on the rotary equipments of textile,paper,film,foil and plastic for manuturing such as printing machine,laminator,coating machine,slitter,bag making machine,and rewinder. We understand the problem that might occur whaen a Safety-Shaft or a Safety-Chuck mounting on your precision machinery and we are able to decelop products that will solve our customers problems.

Based mechanical the conducting principles,we are looking forward to a total success.We guarantee you a total solution for any of your demand through our professional knowledge. You can surly enjoy the most efficient product developing procedures and always get the best product quality.

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  • E-mail : yungyili@ms26.hinet.net